Peace Education Programs in Adelaide

Peace Education Programs in Adelaide

The Peace Education Program consists of several 10-session courses that explore the meaning of personal peace, each helping participants discover their own inner resources to live more fulfilling lives.


INNER JOURNEY a free Fringe show
About this event:

Come on a journey of inner discovery with these free video events from the Peace Education Program.

An inspiring call for you to discover your own inner world and to fulfill your life.

These are videos to simply experience and appreciate.

Enjoy your inner journey.

“The true fulfillment only comes from within the depths of your being” Prem Rawat.

SUNDAYS 2.00 pm STATE LIBRARY North Terrace, Adelaide

Bray meeting room 1 upstairs in the main library

Sun 16 Feb, Sun 23 Feb, Sun 1 March, Sun 8 March, Sun 15 March.

Duration: 1 hour.